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I haven’t gone as far as to make strict resolutions this New Year, however, I am consciously making changes that I really believe will have a long term positive impact on my every day life. It’s so exciting making changes, I wake up every day and it’s so strange not having the same routine but it’s also really uplifting. I’m going to be talking about my progress and struggles for the next few weeks across all areas but I thought I’d start with how I’m hoping to improve my health.

My biggest change is stopping smoking, which is at the same time one of the scariest and most liberating things I have ever attempted. I’m only on day three of cold turkey and today I got a subtle taste of almond in my Chocolate Fudge Cake; if anything is going to spur me on it’s being able to taste more flavours in cake! I think in your late teens-early twenties you get quite complacent about the fact that your body is pretty tolerant of most things you throw at it; alcohol, carbs, little exercise, cigarettes, lots of sugar and a bad skincare regime, but I’m beginning to realise that I need to start looking after myself if I want to stay fresh for as long as I can.

Fruit is playing a massive part in my diet at the moment. I’ve never been a bad eater, I eat a lot of vegetables and I make most meals from scratch with good quality ingredients but I am a massive snacker. Over the festive period my boyfriend and I resolved to snack more on fruit than rubbish and I’m so glad we did, I’m especially shocked at how cheap it’s been because we’ve been getting everything from the local market rather than big supermarkets. I’m finding clementines to be the best, especially for a handbag snack because they’re almost impossible to bruise but I’ve recently discovered a fruit that was completely new to me but is now my absolute favourite: Pomelo. If you’re in the Stoke area they’re Β£1.25 from the fruit stall in the indoor market and they are to die for, they’re a bit of a pain to prepare but once you’ve peeled the skin and got the huge segments out you’re left with the most refreshing citrus flavour imaginable.

Over the Christmas period I couldn’t drink because of medication and I was amazed that I really didn’t miss it at all, so I’ve decided that I’m going to continue cutting out alcohol as much as I can. The only thing I’ve really missed is the very occasional half a bitter shandy (do not judge) so I’m going to limit myself to no more than 2 units per week Β which I’m more than confident I can stick to. I’m also planning to drink a lot more water which is potentially going to be as hard for me as stopping smoking. I drink a lot of juice and cordial but I am terrible at drinking water, unless I’m eating food I just can’t seem to find a taste for it but I figure with all the positives that my skin and body will feel from being smoke and alcohol free, a little water will make it feel even more special.

The final thing I’m looking to do is cut back on my caffeine intake. I’m not a massive fan of coke/energy drinks so I’m not too worried there but I am a coffee whore. What I’ve found easiest to do here is to continue using caffeinated instant coffee but to replace my filter coffee with decaf. For some reason instant decaf tastes horrible if you ask me but filter decaf is actually pretty bearable, especially if you use a double shot. In the morning I still have my instant because I’m just not awake enough to contemplate the coffee machine and if I get lazy one or two times in the day I do the same but the rest I replace with decaf in the filter machine which means not only am I drinking less caffeine but I also drink less coffee altogether because it’s that bit more of an effort to be doing every half an hour.

I’m really excited to see where all these things together takes me. Looking back at my early teens my skin was so bright and my teeth didn’t need the scale and polish that smoking and coffee curse us with and the potential of getting a little of that freshness back is enough to keep me going, for the moment at least. The only irritation I’ve really had is when I’m out and in bars or pubs and I order a drink because a lot of the time avoiding caffeine and alcohol works out to be a lot more expensive.

Let me know if you’ve got any tips on anything I’m trying to do, I’m probably going to need them!

peace pink


14 thoughts on “Positive Health

    • Thank you for the support!

      The way I’m managing to keep on top of them is to just keep saying “well you’ve said it now you can’t go back on your word, if you can’t keep your word to yourself you can’t keep it to anyone”

      It seems to be working!


  1. you are really going at it and i think it’s great. you’re not only stopping the bad habits, but you’re also replacing them with good. your body weight and energy levels will surely change for the better. i wish this girl i’m talking to would take the action you are especially in the smoking arena. kudos to you πŸ™‚

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      I’m doing pretty well, I’ve eaten replaced what snacks weren’t fruit with granola and yoghurt.

      The smoking is the hardest, I’ve slipped a couple of times but 1/2 a cigarette every few days isn’t as bad as before. It’s also easier to have my boyfriend doing it too because we motivate each other.

      I think for a lot of bad habits you could always do with a buddy, someone to encourage you and chastise you! Kind of like at Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s definitely better to have someone to remind you what you’re trying to achieve when you reach for the profiteroles πŸ™‚

      • i had to google profiteroles, HA. yeah the 1/2 a cigarette is not bad. she’s scared to stop cuz she thinks she’ll replace it with food :- /. does it ever aggravate you though if someone keeps reminding you to stop? i don’t want to be that guy.

        oh and by cutting out soda and juices and replacing with water will make a huge difference too. i’ve seen people lose a substantial amount of weight after. they are diuretics too, so they actually do the opposite of what you need. plus water makes up more than 50% of us…we need it πŸ™‚

      • I think as long as you agree at the start its ok. Me and Matt agreed that we would both tell each other and not let each other slip, we’ve had a few cross words but its a testing time so he knows I don’t mean it.

        Yeah water has been a big thing for me, I drink a lot of juice but find water difficult!

        I feel sad that you don’t know what profiteroles are, they are incredible! Incredibly bad for you, but incredible!

      • Yeah I guess I’ll just coax her everyone now and then cuz it’s different with since I have no desire to smoke.

        Haha, hopefully I can remedy the lack of profiteroles in my life πŸ™‚

      • Maybe you could find something to change to that’s difficult in its own way for you. That way she could see you fighting a hard battle as well and you could both encourage each other in your respective challenges?

      • good thinking, that’s a good idea. another difficult thing is is that she knows they aren’t good, she’s addicted and that they act as her stress reliever but she is kind of ok with those facts. what is or was your main reason for wanting to stop? i believe a reason is paramount for action to even begin.

      • I’m the same, they help my stress and I am definitely addicted and even worse I like smoking. I actually enjoy picking up a cigarette. My biggest reason was I realised that there’s no point starting to start trying to prevent the ageing process once it’s started. I’m only 24 but three years at university abused my body a lot with bad food, alcohol, no exercise and one day it’s gona catch up if I carry on. I need to make changes now to feel the benefit when ill really want it. My other reason was cost, I’d simply rather spend my money on other things. If you work out how many cigarettes equal a meal out, a holiday, a new coat you get a huge surprise!

      • Awesome reply. Thanks for the insight and the honesty. I don’t if I’ll her directly what I’ve learned here but I will use it in a systematic and covert way. Bravo to you again for pausing and assessing your health and doing what you needed to do to change it for the better πŸ™‚

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