The necessity of the vintage accessory

When it comes to getting that perfect vintage look I often find that the key is having the perfect accessories. Accessories are often a give away when it comes to decades, and true vintage clothing coupled with the wrong kind of accessories can just make your outfit look confused or even worse like a modern copy.


Oversized blazer & White peep toe shoes, both £1: Donna Louise Children’s Hospice. Sword brooch, £0.50: Lark Lane Flea Market. Barbour jacket, stolen from my boyfriends wardrobe. Ruffle socks, £2.50 for 3 pairs: Hanley Market. Black crossbar shoes & Jewel brooch, donated by my Nan

Jewellery is obviously the major one, I’m addicted to collared shirts and so it follows that I’m also addicted to brooches to pin to my top button; I find they really set off any shirt that I wear and they’re so cheap. After looking for what seemed like forever for a Casio watch because I refused to spend £40 on one in Urban Outfitters just because they were back in fashion, I picked up an old Seiko watch at a Flea Market which goes with everything. I love it, and the best part was it was only £1 so I really advise shopping around before you pay an arm and a leg if you don’t need to.

Shoes, socks and tights are a big deal to me. If you’re wearing a big coat or jacket then often peoples first glimpse of you is your legs and feet so you need to make sure they sparkle as much as your outfit. Vintage shoes are amazingly cheap when you can hold of them, being a UK size 7 I have a bit of trouble because apparently the women of the past seemed to have the tiniest feet, and the other bonus is they’ve been worn before so they’re often super comfy. I’m almost always coupling my shoes with ruffle-topped socks, I think they make any outfit look really cute and draw peoples eye to your footwear but if you  go with tights I really think it’s important to look at the right denier for the decade you’re trying to go for.

Although not strictly an accessory your coat or jacket has to be right, most of the time you’re walking around your outfit is hidden underneath it so if it isn’t you might as well not have bothered in the first place. Oversized blazers are a big favourite but again you can pick them up in charity shops for pennies so have a look around before you go straight to the high street. I got my coat from my boyfriends wardrobe, I’m lucky that we’re around the same size and he isn’t too precious about his own vintage Barbour!

peace pink


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