I’ve always been a massive tea person but since I’m trying to cut down on caffeine my coffee intake has had to pretty much disappear so various low caffeine teas are my new best friend.

There’s just something slightly crude about drinking tea out of a mug if you ask me so this morning at the car boot I had a little rustle around and found a beautiful set of dainty teacups for £1 all in. Couple this with a beautiful teapot, mine was a gift from a friend, and brew time becomes something that brings a little smile with every sip.

Now I’m on a mission for a cute little sugar bowl and milk jug so I can bring a full tea tray into the living room, I’m finding it a bit of a pain to having to keep going back into the kitchen every time my cup runs out.

If anyone has any recommended, speciality, low-caffeine teas please let me know so I can fill my pot!

Seriously though, how much more do you want a cup of tea when it looks like this?!


peace pink


10 thoughts on “Tea-Total

    • No, I hadn’t actually heard of it until now but having had a quick look I must say I’m intrigued. I’m definitely going to investigate where I can get some from!

      Thank you for the suggestion 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂

      I think the best thing about having a really nice teapot is that you can pretty much put any teacup next to it and it seems to work!


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