Look what the cat dragged in…

Well, strictly speaking the cat didn’t drag it in, I did, but that’s beside the point!

I woke up this morning to find everything outside blanketed in snow, personally I hate the stuff but I always find it a bit unfair that my two cats always miss out on a snowy adventure just because they’re house cats. I live by a main road so I’ve never let them out and they’ve long grown out of the leads they had when they were kittens so after some thought I decided that instead of taking them to the snow I would bring the snow to them! Armed with a shovel and a big bucket I scooped fair amount of snow up and filled up my bathtub and a few hours later they’re still having a lot of fun despite being more than a little damp.

It’s definitely hard to keep house cats stimulated and when they stumble upon new things it always provides some new entertainment, I haven’t laughed at mine this much since Luna discovered Trivial Pursuit counters. If you want to give yours a little fun if definitely recommend a snow bath, and the best part is you can just rinse it away when they’re done.


Sirius & Luna enjoying the snow!

peace pink


6 thoughts on “Look what the cat dragged in…

    • Well it certainly cheered them both up 🙂 They’re not very amused because their arch-nemesis the vaccuum cleaner has been fixed and brought back to life!

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