Love at first write

It’s officially been a week since I started blogging, a week was the time I gave myself to decide if it was for me and I’m pleased to say that it most definitely is; I’ve found so many things to inspire me and hopefully contributed some things myself and I have so many things planned already for future posts. It’s been amazing to feel like I have a reason to do something every day. Knowing that I have people to share ideas and projects with means that instead of waking up and thinking ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I don’t have time’ now I think ‘I have to blog today, I need something to blog about, how about…’

I’ve been out and got a notebook which lives in my handbag and I use to make a note of anything I think I’m going to blog about or anything from other peoples blogs that I can do for my own projects. Not only this but I’ve filled it with hand drawn illustrations and cute type so even my notes are creative. I’ve also picked up a pencil and sketchbook again and really started to draw, appparently my boyfriend is pretty proud of that which is high praise coming from such a talented artist. It’s been over a week of me not smoking, I’ve slipped a few times but my days have been so filled with writing or completing projects to write about I find myself missing it less and less and I’m determined not to miss it at all.

Today I decided to make chutney following on from my jam success earlier in the week and the lovliest feeling came over me all of sudden. I was stood reading my nans handwritten recipe, blending ingredients in a food processor that she kindly donated, boiling them in what was her saucepan and I tied all my spices up to put in in one of my grandys unused handkerchiefs and it suddenly hit me, the reason I started this blog in the first place. It was such a simple act but something that has been repeated by her so many times before me and what hopefully I will share with my children if I’m so blessed, and it really reiterated that there is something so beautiful and poignant about the simple things in life that most of us seem to have forgotton about after we got our first television, phone and computer. Using this space to write these simplicities down makes them that much more tangible and I want to make sure I never forget.

I also gained a new friend this week and he is amazing. He’s been by far the most supportive of my new blog-centric life. He comes with me to the library to get craft and fashion books which fill me with new ideas, he can come to market with me to get fruit and vegetables to make my nans recipes come to life and he follows me around all the charity shops and car boots and doesn’t mind helping me to carry my bargains home. I was a little concerned that he wouldn’t be cool enough to hang around with me as he’s generally more experienced with an older generation but we’ve really bonded and I think he’s here to stay.


Meet my new friend Charlie the cherry topped trolley!

peace pink




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