Thinking outside of the jewellery box

I have way too many necklaces. Not only that but I have too many long necklaces with bulky things hanging from them and I probably couldn’t fit one in a jewellery box never mind my entire collection. A few years ago I came up with an ingenious solution which I can’t help but feel I need to share.

I managed to get this dressmakers dummy from a store that was closing down for free, I originally got it for its true purpose but I couldn’t resist turning it into a really cool jewellery stand. Alls you have to do it pop pins in and you can hang all your jewellery on it so it never gets tangled. One day i’ll eventually get round to re-covering it with some cool material but it still looks pretty unique stood in my bedroom as it is and it would make a great addition to any accessory mad household.


peace pink


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