Putting your own stamp on things

Making the labels for the jams and chutneys I’ve been making has very sadly been something I’ve been looking forward to all week! My boyfriend and I went in on a set of wooden letter stamps earlier in the week so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make the first set!

I have to say for anyone who likes crafting I would definitely recommend a set as an addition to any craft box. I’ve used them to caption drawings as well as these labels and seeing as they work on wood and metal with the right kind of paint I can’t see an end to their uses. I got upper and lower case as well as numbers and symbols for just over Β£10 so they’re really good value too.

The joy most people feel at seeing six inches of snow outside is completely wasted on me, I hate it, especially when I look in the cupboard and realise I have no bread in and have to venture outside. Determined not to set foot outside I decided to bake my own loaf which turned out to go perfectly with homemade jam and marmalade so in some ways I guess for once I can thank being snowed in! I was planning another car boot venture this weekend but seeing as all the transport in the city has been stopped I doubt many cars will be getting down in this weather so looks like I’ll be dedicated to in house activities. I’ve got a little sewing project I want to get started on so I guess it’s a good opportunity to really get stuck in to that as well as some other bits and pieces.

I suppose if I do get snowed in indefinitely I’ve at least preserved enough fruit and veg that I technically could just live out of jars and then turn the jars into candle holders when they’re empty! All I need to do now is get knitting perfected and I could also keep myself warm if the outside world actually turns into ice. If anyone has any ideas on some snow defeating techniques or crafting projects to get through whilst I’m defying the outdoors then feel free to give me some suggestions.


peace pink


7 thoughts on “Putting your own stamp on things

      • At the moment paper and double sides sticky tape but I want to get sticky back paper for ease, something with a bit of shine on so if there were accidents they could maybe be wiped better than standard paper. I’ve also experimented with tying ribbon around the rims of the jars and having the labels hanging instead of stuck on. That’s cute too.

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