Working your way to the top

I’ve become obsessed with styling my hair at the moment. I think it’s because it’s something I’ve never really taken any time over, it’s always been either straight and down or up with the occasional lean towards a slight curl. With my resolution to dress more like a grown up has come the complete change in my attitude to so many other aspects of my appearance. I’ve started to make sure my nails always look smart and the polish isn’t chipped, nothing ruins a handshake like scruffy, half painted nails and I’ve really started to think about my look working from the top down.

No one who comes across my blog can fail to notice my obsession with vintage and my hair styles have really grown to match it. I think I’ve well and truly given myself over to trying to create a whole look instead of wearing just one or two pieces, I’ve even got hold of a vintage hairstyle book and contemplated going for the iconic shampoo and set. My current standout winner is the poodle, it took me so long to get this right and I’m still not sure it’s completely authentic but it looks so cute. The best part is that once you’ve done it you can sleep in a headscarf and it stays in for a few days with some tidying. I’ve always loved the victory roll because its so easy to just throw your hair up into them when you haven’t got much time and still want to keep it classic. Just lately it seems like I see them everywhere I look though so I’m kind of veering away slightly, I’ll always be loyal to them but I think I just need a break. I’ve also gone mad for the beehive, especially because it works so well towards the end of the week when you really need to wash your hair but can’t quite find the time to get it done properly. Without that texture it just wouldn’t stay up so it’s a good way to give yourself an extra day.

I’ve got my sights securely set on finger waves but they look so hard so I think I’m going to wait until I’ve worn out the poodle before I start at it. I’ve also grown a little obsessed with sets, forties ones and a Marilyn Monroe one especially, but a hood dryer is definitely an out of the question investment so I may try a traditional salon where I could probably get it done for under Β£8. I have seen some portable soft dryers which supposedly turn your hairdyer into a hood dryer so if anyone has any experience feedback would be appreciated. I’m really lucky in the fact that my hair does what I tell it to, I know a lot of people who can’t do a great deal with theirs because it has no volume, or if they curl it it falls flat, but if like me your lucky enough to have disciplined hair you can create so many looks.

My favourite vintage hair fact that has been discovered this week is that the women of old used to use padding to give volume or to mould their own hair around which was colloquially known as a rat. What’s even less appealing than it’s name is that it was created by using the hair that fell out into hairbrushes and putting it inside hair nets which they secured with hair pins!


My takes on the beehive, victory roll and poodle respectively

peace pink


6 thoughts on “Working your way to the top

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m so lucky with my hair. I change it’s colour every few weeks, it goes between having a fringe and not having one all the time and I can pretty much do what I want with it! It’s very well behaved!

    • I tried loads of tutorials and online videos but in the end I just worked out a way for myself. I normally use my straighteners to curl them back and loads of bobby pins!

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