Finders keepers

Since I began hunting down bargain clothes I haven’t been able to help coming across bargain household goods and furniture. I don’t really have that much room to add any more big items to my house but sometimes you come across things that you just can’t say no to which is definitely what happened today; finders keepers and all that!

First of all I’d been watching a pair of really cool retro end tables on eBay, they were both a little worse for wear but with a starting price of 99p I thought they were worth considering. As often happens with eBay I completely forgot about them despite a reminder flashing up on my phone but when I checked I was really surprised that they had ended with no bids at all. They had been advertised as local pickup so I thought I’d be cheeky and ask if they could be delivered for some petrol money as I don’t drive. Amazingly the seller just didn’t want to throw them out so offered to deliver them for free which means I have both tables, delivered, for the grand sum of 99p! The tiled one I’m going to just tidy up but the other is going to be my first ever découpage project which is really exciting.

After this amazing find I did my daily check of Freecycle. If you haven’t heard of or used Freecycle then you should! When I moved into my first house I pretty much furnished it for free thanks to generous people helping out. I’m also really lucky as I can use both the Stoke on Trent one and the Liverpool one so I get loads more goodies. Today I think I hit jackpot on a wardrobe and set of drawers still with their original locks and keys. They aren’t especially rare but they are really vintage chic and are definitely built to last. It also means I can finally rid myself of the “temporary” canvas wardrobe I got over 18months ago and best of all they were of course free.

I then started to think if my bedroom furniture is going for the shabby chic look and my tables being planned to make some really unique bedside pieces I should really update my bedding. There’s nothing nicer than new bedding and having traded in loads of old books before Christmas I knew I had some amazon credit so the cute set pictured only cost me £3.

So today I’ve managed to pretty much revamp my entire bedroom for the grand total of £3.99 which if you ask me isn’t too bad! I also sold my Nintendo DS for £45 which gives today a profit of £41.01 and a whole load of goodies which compliment my ever increasing obsession with all things old!


peace pink


2 thoughts on “Finders keepers

    • Freecycle is a treasure trove! There’s so many goodies to be found if you keep checking. No problem, I cannot wait to try out your orange scrub idea for a friends birthday present 🙂 x

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