Seven Deadly Vintage Sins

After discussing some necessities when trying to achieve the perfect vintage look in a previous post it got me thinking about my biggest no-nos when trying to style yourself in decade apparel and I’ve come up with my seven deadly vintage sins.

1. Trying too hard. You don’t have to be head to toe vintage to make it work, experiment and see what works for you.

2. Waiting for the perfect moment. Every day is a vintage day so celebrate it and don’t sit waiting for a reason to show off your style.

3. Buying something that doesn’t fit. Don’t buy things just because they’re a vintage piece if they don’t fit. As tempting as some items may be you’re just going to end up staring at them in your cupboard.

4. Quirkiness over tastefulness. The vintage look is a quirky look but that doesn’t mean we should throw all fashion sense out of the window. Keep it tasteful and classy.

5. Mixing too many looks. Wearing too many statement pieces from too many different looks just appears confused and downright awful. Keep it simple and effective.

6. Buying it because its cool. I’m so guilty of this. I see something and think that’s amazing and I buy it because its a bargain and a true vintage statement and then I never wear it because its completely not me. Don’t do it no matter how fabulous it is!

7. Vintage outfit, contemporary accessories. Don’t bother creating the perfect outfit and wearing a pair of toms and jewellery straight off the high street. The finishing touches are what make your look complete so take time over them.

This list is by no means exhaustive but it’s the things I’ve found myself most guilty of in the past (and sometimes still do)! I’d be interested to see everyone else’s biggest sins to see if they’re things I still do so please feel free to share!

peace pink


One thought on “Seven Deadly Vintage Sins

  1. So true about waiting for the perfect moment! It’s best to dress the way you want any day of the week – not think about impressing others with your style and then never putting on your fav vintage find.

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