Down to a T

This weekend has brought so much news and I’m increasingly excited about everything that’s been going on. First I got invited to a bloggers meet up next weekend which I’m super excited about and can’t wait to share with you all when I get back, then I got a place writing for an online jewellery magazine and I’ve just finished my first article (link to follow when I have it), then would you believe another online music magazine took me on as a writer and I have a phone interview on Wednesday to write for an online fashion magazine. It’s been a busy one! On top of that I have an interview next weekend for a full time position with the RSPCA which I’m hoping comes through because I really want a job that feels worthwhile.


I haven’t had time to really breathe this weekend with all the happenings so today was my first venture out to replenish some rapidly depleting kitchen cupboards, me being me this also meant sticking my head in a few charity shops along the way. For some reason I’ve come home with lots of tartan today but at £3 for a blazer and two skirts who could say no? I’photo(7)m rather quickly becoming slightly obsessed with blazers and I think this one is my new favourite (but in all honesty I thought that about the last one too). My only solid justification is that it’s my only short one as all my others are boyfriend fit, either that or I’m still filled with Burns night fever and tartan is my way of celebrating!


photo(8)I also made a life changing discovery today: Chocolate Tea. I’ve been wanting to try some different teas for a while now but not being sure which I liked I haven’t wanted to take the leap. Larger selections are rather expensive and normally always contain a few varieties of Earl Grey which is sadly a massive no-no, but Tesco do a really reasonable finest range with most being priced at £1.29 for 50 bags. I went with Darjeeling, Ceylon and Chocolate, mainly because I’m a black tea drinker anyway so these suit me down to the ground. Seriously, you need to try Chocolate Tea, I can’t explain it, it’s kind of like drinking a milky way crispy roll flavoured tea but at the same time nothing at all like that. I don’t think I can ever buy a normal box of tea bags again so if anyone has any suggestions for a black tea lover please shout up.

To finish my amphoto(10)azing fews days off perfectly I had an amazing moment with my she-cat Luna today. In the three years that we’ve been friends she’s never ever been a cuddly cat until very recently and even then it’s on her terms (which normally either constantly or not at all). She’s quite skittish, so even when you’re tickling her she won’t fall asleep on or next to people because the slightest shift in movement or noise wakes her straight up. Normally she’ll only stay on your knee if you’re constantly stroking her, as soon as you stop she’s off, but today she curled up in my arms and after twenty minutes of solid snuggles fell fast asleep. I’ve been waiting three years to be able to give her a big sleepy cuddle and it was definitely worth it.

peace pink


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