Mad as a hatter

So I’ve started doing a little spruce up in my bedroom, nothing exciting just a few handmade bits to brighten it up. I’m going to put some photos up when it’s all finished but I’m a little bit excited about how creative I got with some teacups and saucers this afternoon and can’t wait to share.


I hung a boater on the wall and using some garden wire hung the cups from it. The plates were a bit of a pain but by nailing some pegs to the wall I managed to find a way to hang them without worrying that they’d fall off. By popping a little homemade invitation to The Mad Hatter’s tea party on it was finished, I think it looks super cute!


I also got a bit over excited with some metallic spray and made some plain old paper table doilies into frames. They aren’t meant to look convincing, which is a good job seeing as they don’t, but coupled with some floral paper I picked up yesterday they do brighten up one of my walls.

peace pink


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