You can learn a lot of things from the flowers

Continuing the bedroom restyle today I’ve moved into the realms of tissue paper. I love tissue paper, it can be used for literally everything and it always looks so cute whatever you do with it. Today’s mission was something I’ve seen around Pinterest a few times and I’ve also seen for sale but I was pretty sure I could replicate it quite easily; paper flower pom poms. They literally take a few minutes per pom pom, are so easy to make and look really effective when they’re done.

What you’ll need:
various coloured tissue paper (8 sheets per pom pom)
jewellery or garden wire

Step one: fold your pile of tissue paper in a concertina shape (like you would for a paper fan)
Step two: fold your finished strip in half and tie with wire in the middle
Step three: cut the ends of your strip into a rounded or pointed shape to create petals
Step four: carefully open up each piece so as not to rip petals off until you have a completed ball
Step five: use cotton/ribbon/wire to hang where you think they look best


They would be a great addition to parties or kids rooms but I think they could look great anywhere to be honest. They cast great shadows on the walls with some clever lighting and really make things seems a little magical. I’d love to see some other ways of making paper flowers, I want to try newspaper roses soon, so if anyone has any ideas let me know.


peace pink


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