Cheat your way to ombré

Not long ago I went back closer to my natural dark hair colour from white blonde. I’m terrible when it comes to dying my hair, and I mean terrible. There’s been points where I’ve changed the colour every week and I don’t think anything of bleaching my hair three consecutive times in one day, but once you’ve gone back dark it becomes more and more difficult to play around with colours. That said there is one thing you can always do; go darker, which is exactly what I’ve done.

I’m a massive fan of ombré hair but as I’m currently on the job search I’m trying to make sure that nothing stops me getting a job as far as I can control, my piercings come out for interviews and my bright hair has had to go. With this is mind I’ve come up with an awesome and easy cheat for ombré hair (which I discovered completely by accident). Back when I had white blonde hair I had white blonde clip in extensions which I used from time to time. I love having long hair but I’ve never managed to get on with extensions for a continued period of time, I think it because with such short hair they never sit right. Now my hair has grown a bit they look a bit more convincing so I decided to dye them along with my barnet.

Once I’d washed them out I was really confused, the top of them had taken the dye perfectly and gone darkest brown almost black like my hair but towards the tips it really hadn’t taken at all. So completely by accident I’ve ended up with some really cool black and grey ombré extensions. I think they look pretty rad! I’ve been wondering if I could colour the lighter bits a different colour but I think for the moment I’m going to leave them as they are. They are definitely a really good cheat for those who want ombré but aren’t quite ready to take the leap.


peace pink


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