Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue

I recently worked on a promo piece for online jewellery magazine Kinga Sektas which was centred on colours, how they affect our moods and how they make us feel. It was an interesting and difficult piece to write in the sense that it really had me thinking about how we relate to different colours. The piece leans towards generalisations, If I’d been writing about what colours do for my personal mood it would have looked a lot different but that was what I found interesting; although we recognise universal connotations with certain colours on a personal level those connotations are very different.

I’m doing a follow up piece about chameleon jewellery, how different colours can fit to all moods and all outfits so I really want to know what different colours mean to different people, especially if they’re polar opposites to the norm, so throw your thoughts my way.

peace pink


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