Wouldn’t be seen dead in it

I really really really want to blog about the stuff I’ve been crafting for Valentine’s Day but being the supportive guy he is my boyfriend reads my blog so I can’t spoil the surprise! I also really want to blog about the birthday present I’ve got him but again I can’t so I was inspired by my train journey today to share the top 5 things I would never be seen out in. I’m not joking I witnessed all of these on the short journey from Stoke to Liverpool, some of them I guess are my personal taste and some I feel everyone will agree with. Please feel free to add yours in the comments.

5. Worn out leggings. I don’t want to see your bum, I really don’t. Especially not through threadbare leggings when you bend over in the street. I have really old comfy pairs but I wear a long short over them or something. There’s really no excuse and it borders on indecent exposure.

4. Hat, scarf, gloves and no coat. I just don’t get it. Why do people go to the trouble of piling on winter warmers and only to not wear a coat. Surely if you put on a coat the feeling of cold would diminish far more easily, plus you look stupid.

3. Stiletto heels. Don’t get me wrong there’s a time and a place for a good pair of spikes but its definitely not on a train platform or strolling through town. Especially not when it’s beginning to snow or you’re dragging a suitcase behind you.

2. Full track suits. I love my trakkies. I have hoodies, jackets and trousers and some of them even match but would I ever been seen outside in the full caboodle at once? No. A bright red Adidas hoody is cool, not when you pair it with a pair of matching trousers though.

1. Beanies. This takes the top spot because I’ve been ranting about it forever. I love beanies, I own several but for the love of Christ wear them on your head not perched on the very too looking like they could fall off at any minute and not even keeping you warm.


One thought on “Wouldn’t be seen dead in it

  1. i hate to see the low slung jeans (especially on overweight people sorry) with the pants 8 inches above them and the crotch of the jeans practically swinging around folks knees………….atractive? i don’t think so ; (

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