So this weekend I tried a new flea market over in Waterloo, Merseyside. It’s only a 20 minute train ride away and has over 80 stalls so it was definitely worth a try. It’s held in a beautiful church which makes for a great atmosphere as well as there being plenty of room for the stalls and customers and at 30p entry you can’t really argue. They also have jazz music playing while you walk around which gives it a bit of something extra.

I got a few good finds; two old tins for £1, two large glass orange juice bottles which I want to use for fruit preserving for £1 and a cute brooch for free. The best part for me though was the fruit stall where I managed to bag five lychees, a peach, two bananas, a pear, a punnet of strawberries and ten kumquats for £3. It was the first time I’ve ever tried kumquats and I can see an obsession coming on if I can find somewhere else that stocks them, they are amazing. I also found a little old lady selling homemade wares so tried her autumn recipe chutney and plum with rum jam, half the chutney has gone already.

If you’re in the Merseyside area it’s definitely worth a visit and it’s held on a monthly basis so there’s plenty of opportunity to head down.


peace pink


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